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Organic Dairy Products

In most Western European cultures people have the enzyme that breaks down lactose and most other people of the world find that the essential enzymes for lactose breakdown switches off. So in the West diary is ‘‘tolerated” the implication being that some cultures have adapted and therefore for those people it’s fine to consume.Humans are the only mammals that continue to use milk as a part of their diet after infancy. Raw cheese is diary and the saturated fat and protein is different to the normally pasteurised milk.The enzymes in cheese are good for the gut bacteria and the protein is a quality source.But again it comes down to your genetics and your tolerance to this. For great health a diverse range of food is beneficial for your gut biochemical composition.Any fermented diary product is better for health than pasteurised. Organic is going to be better for you as the grass the cows are fed mean there is less likelihood of you consuming herbicides,pesticides and antibiotics.The commercial farming community have been directed to reduce antibiotics in the food supply.In the USA 70% of antibiotic consumption is in animal feed.