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Organic Honey

Scientists have found atom,proton, electron and other energy particles, but till now,they are not able to produce natural honey through machines.That’s the greatness of nature.Honey is not produced by bees unlike the cow which gives us milk by feeding grass. Honeybees collect sweet liquid called nectar from flowers and mix up with their saliva called bee enzymes and now nectar becomes honey,which is stored in their hives for using it during non honey flow seasons.So only organic honey gives us the right amount proteins that we need which makes it more viable to our health.

Free Range Egg

non organic eggs are produced from chickens treated with antibiotic,  fed with genetically engineered food.whereas it is not so in chickens that produces organic eggs.Organic eggs are those produced by chicken which are kept in natural environment without use of any hormone to increase the production of eggs in chicken Organic egg consists of higher amounts of omega fatty acids, vitamin b and folic acids than non organic eggs. So while this content we can understand which is way better.